Siege: For The King

Siege- for the king pic

In Siege, you get to be the king in this exciting medieval strategy game.  After you and your opponent create the world you will be fighting for, it is time for battle.  Your objective is to kill your opponent’s king or to take his/her castle.

March and ride into battle by road and plains, stalk your enemy with your archers through woodlands, or sail into combat on winding rivers.  Build walls to keep the foe at bay or destroy theirs with your catapults.  The choice is yours:  win or die.

How to Play Siege: For the King

If you like chess, then Siege:  For the King is for you.  Siege a dynamic medieval strategy game where you and your opponent engage in a battle of wits far more dynamic than chess could ever be.   Like chess, your objective is to kill your opponent’s king.  Unlike chess, you could play once or a hundred times and you will never play the same game.

Every game begins with taking turns with your opponent laying out the terrain tiles that will be your battlefield.  Each of the 9 different terrain types make for different battle strategies, so choose your placement wisely.  After your map is built, both players place their castle on it and their army within their castle’s walls.  Now for the real fun…

Each player takes turns moving 5 of their 16 units.  There are 7 different unit types, each with different abilities and limitations.  With each passing turn both players’ strategy unfolds.  Are you an aggressor or a defender?  Can you outflank your opponent?  If you build a wall here will that keep the enemy at bay or will their catapult destroy it?  Just how dangerous are those bowmen lurking in the woods?  There’s only one way to find out:  Play the Game!

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