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Imagine a world filled with elemental magic and steam punk technology. Erase what you know of your world and allow yourself to imagine humanoid dogs, cats and alligators. Now, imagine you are walking with your best friend, but your friend is a centaur that stands 8 ft at the shoulders. As you are walking you catch a sweet smell of some unknown substance, you look over and see a fae fluttering around inside of the apothecary shop, creating a potion. As you approach your destination you spot a glimpse of a strange wheeled machine that is carting around a gnome with bushy hair and a weird looking backpack that seems to be emitting steam.

You arrive at The Un-Stable Inn, open the door and waft of cooked mutton crosses your nose. You smile as you recognize some of your friends Tully the leprechaun tavern owner, Onyx the fae blacksmith, Bruno the wolvec adventurer, Lar the slithix prize fighter and Ty’Kil the shar’kal acrobat. You and your friend find a spot at the “trough table”. As you sit down you think to yourself there should be more meeting places like this. So many other inns do not accommodate your centaur friend.

Tully breaks into a boisterous story of how your group once took on 8 bandits that thought they could waylay your group and make off with Tully’s barrels. He goes on in a jovial manner about the sheer horror that befell the bandits faces as you leap off the wagon kicking one of the unsuspecting bandits in the face while throwing a dagger at the next and how the group easily made quick work of bandits and sent them home naked and bound to one another.

Ty’Kil pipes up, that reminds me about the time we…

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