Meet the Team


CEO: Jay Smith  B9315613044Z.1_20141224153420_000_G619GCPDO.1-0

 Jay Smith is an entrepreneur and life long gamer. He is a co-founder and CEO of Draiochta Labs. He has been the brain father of a number of released and upcoming titles including Driaochta RPG, Maelstrom CCRPG and Lock n Load DMWG.

Draiochta Labs has partnered with Chimera Hobby Shop and is being sponsored by Psyberfire to begin a pilot game development program with S.T.E.M. Academy in Fond du Lac, WI. Students will learn what it is like to work in a Lean/Agile game development company and produce their very own product! The skill sets they learn will help them in any professional field they decide to pursue.

“Draiochta Labs is a collective of brilliant minds working towards the goal of producing engaging, replayable, social games for people to enjoy with a group of friends. All of our games are created around customer feedback, we do not sit in a dark cave and push out games we think are good. We take our ideas to you and your feedback shapes a game of epic awesomeness!” -Jay Smith

Editor/ Draiochta Developer: Tyler Thomas

Tyler has been a long-tom fan of role-playing games of all kinds since he was young.  He enjoys writing stories and making compelling characters for smaller projects of his own. Having studied at University of Wisconsin- White Water for game design, he uses his abilities in understanding storytelling and game theory to craft new stories and characters for Draiochta. 

Draiochta Artist: John Peterson


“John practices practice, to practice better practice, in the practice of visually recreating the world around us, so he can break the rules, and rearrange them in new, and sometimes terrifying, ways. In other words he draws monsters and stuff… He also insists that that much “practice” is absolutely necessary with art.”

Spaghetti Western Developer: Paul Vavra

Hello I am Paul, I like playing games and creating them. My goal is to deliver fun to the world and my game Spaghetti Western is just the start.

Spaghetti Western Developer: Anthony Schweigl


I am a 26 year-old male who lives in Two Rivers Wisconsin.  I graduated in 2010 from Lakeshore Technical College with an associates degree in Criminal Justice.  I am employed with the City of Kiel, City of Brillion and Lakeshore Technical College.  My hobbies include Magic: The Gathering, video games, board games, volleyball and playing piano.  I am currently working on the cooperative in-box card game Spaghetti Western under Draiochta Labs LLC.

Spaghetti Western Artist: Emily Vavra

Emily Vavra

I am from Manitowoc, Wisconsin and I am currently living in Two Rivers, where my husband and I share a home with two cats who kindly let us live with them.  And clean up after them.  And pay for everything.  Maybe this isn’t such a sweet deal after all!  I’ve been drawing for almost 15 years and have even indebted myself to UW Manitowoc and UW Milwaukee in my pursuit of my passion of the arts.  My other passions include getting others to watch my favorite shows so we can share in emotionally charged rants about fictional characters and spending all the free time I don’t have playing violent videos games.   And food, god, do I love food.

Master Coordinator:  Sarah Spang

I’m Sarah and I’m Jay’s number two. It’s not as weird as it sounds. My job with Draiochta Labs is to assist Jay and any of the other team members whenever something is needed. I am basically a go-to individual, which is also a part of my other full time job. On top of working two jobs, I am also a full-time student at MPTC and will be graduating with my Associate’s Degree in Business Management – Marketing shortly. From there, I’ll be going on for my Bachelor’s in the same field. I am a life-long resident of Fond du Lac and have been integrating myself more and more into the community because I fully believe that Fond du Lac is awesome. I am also a comic nerd and will argue passionately about how much better Marvel is over DC. Seriously, don’t get me started. I am very excited to be a part of the Draiochta team and hope to help it become the best gaming company in the entire nation (because we are all that awesome)!

Web Master:  Justin Baumann

Graduated with an Associates in Multimedia with a specialization in graphic design and website design. He has been doing free lance website work for about 4 years.  He is from Milwaukee, but moved to the Fond du lac area 3 years ago.

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