Fondue Fest

fond du fest

What does Draiochta Labs have in common with melted cheese? Both of these things will be at Fondue Fest in Downtown Fond du Lac on Saturday, September 12! One of the largest festivals in the city, Fondue Fest will have tons of food and fun spilling into the streets from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Draiochta Labs will be located right in front of the Combined Building on the corner of Main and First Streets with fun for the whole family. Check out martial arts demonstrations by our numero uno, Jay, and meet some of our awesome team.


Stick around for a while and play our family friendly game -VS-. You’ll get to debate with your friends and family on which food is better. Is cake better than pie? Are nachos better than pretzels? Better yet, put a spin on the game for the day and bring fondue into the mix! Is fondue better than pretzels? You better be ready to explain why!


Not only can you have fun with our -VS- game, we’ll have our other games displayed so you can find out more about what Draiochta does and how we are changing the gaming world forever!


So stop on down by Draiochta Labs while you’re taking in the sights and smells of the festival and say hi to our guys and gals both old and new!

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