What is Draiochta?

NO Preset Classes!
Create your character the way you want!
We have all played games where you are pigeon holed into a certain role in the group and couldn’t deviate from it without some kind of fall out. That is not the case in Draiochta. Make the character you want to play!

NO Experience Points!
Your character progresses as they use their skills! Mindlessly killing monsters solely for the purpose of leveling is a problem with a ton of games out there. Draiochta allows your character to become stronger by successfully using your skills!

USE ANY Weapon or Armor!
You are free to use whatever weapon or armor you want!
The old adage goes mages can’t wear armor and thieves can’t wield anything bigger than a pig sticker. We say nonsense, there is no reason that someone who is sneaky has to use a toad stabber and someone who manipulates the worlds powers can’t wear something better than a bath robe! Make a plate wearing magic wielder, a two handed axe wielding sneak or better yet a two handed axe wielding magic casting sneak that wears plate!

EVERYONE has magic!
Every sentient being in Draiochta can use magic.
Every race has magic, heck even squirrels(or their equivalent in Draiochta) can use magic. Which also means that everyone has the chance to heal themselves, crowd control their victims, knock adversaries off their feet and light them on fire.

Rules system is sleek and efficient. New and experienced gamers alike, will be able to run a session. I know we hate book diving to find a rule buried deep within a complex rule system. Draiochta’s rule system is stream lined, easy to understand and guess what else? It makes sense! That’s right a combat system that makes sense! Most of us at Draiochta Labs are martial artists, have combat experience or are military trained so you will not be scratching your head wondering, why the heck you can’t do something when logic says you should be able to!

HORRIFYING and strange creatures that you have never seen before!
The creatures found in Draiochta can be seemingly cute and fluffy or menacing and terrorizing, some are twisted abominations or amalgamations of everyday creature found in real life. None of these have ever been seen in a fantasy setting ever before as they were all created from the depths of our own minds. Yes that’s right, their are no orcs to be found in Draiochta or dragons for that matter.
Instead we have a whole new roster of beasts for the fantasy scene and all of them can use magic!

STEAM POWERED MARVELS of wonderful utility!
Gnome tinkerers have created amazing inventions from steam powered carriages to war machines! Play a gnome and invent your own contraptions and gadgets!

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