Draiochta RPG Module


Draiochta Labs has been working hard on creating a new module for the Draiochta: The Role Playing Game. Here is a little preview for what is coming….. 

Seekers of the Blue Order:


When the Great War ended, the World was forever changed. An entire portion of the continent destroyed, and a great evil vanquished. A century later, the World is still getting back on its feet as the various Races work together in discovering new technologies and founding new towns.

Yet, even as the World recovers, there is a looming danger on the horizon. Dark forces conspire to bring Draiochta to ruin again. Yet, there is still hope. The Blue Order, a band of heroes responsible for ending the Great War, may have the means to wipe out this evil. However, no one has heard from them in decades. What secrets do they have?

You and your group of friends have stumbled on an elderly member of the Blue Order, who has decided to entrust his secrets to you. Said secrets- ancient artifacts, maps, and much more- should they be revealed to the wrong people, could cause untold chaos, and another War might come about. Scattered across the world, it is up to the bravest of adventurers to fine these relics of the Blue Order and ensure that they do not fall in to the wrong hands… 



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