Draiochta Plays for Extra Life Oct. 17

Draiochta Labs is psyched to begin a 24 hour game jam at noon on Saturday, October 17. Not only will the team be playing games for an extended period of time, they’ll be raising money in the process!

Extra Life is a group that was created a few years ago with the mission to help children. Gamers play, well, games, all over the nation and take donations for each hour of gameplay, each game played, or just general donations. Where does this money go? To Children’s Hospitals. Draiochta will be specifically playing for the Children’s Hospitals of Wisconsin.

The public is welcome to join us anytime for this great event. Bring games to play or play some of ours – either way, just show up to the DL office for some great times!

If you want to join our team, you can be going to this link to sign up for Team Draiochta. We hope to see lots of people who are ready to play!

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