Draiochta First Run

Here it is!!  Draiochta ebook release: a role playing game like none else. This is not a reskin of an old tired idea. This is a fresh new game built from the ground up! New monsters, iconic races, a combat system that actually makes sense, new magic system, crafting, steam-powered machines and weaponry, scaled encounters, and so much more.

This is a release that has not cleared the editors yet. We acknowledge that there are grammatical, spelling, and other errors within the text.

****This is an e-book release. Players are encouraged to email us at rules@draiochtalabs.org with their ideas, fixes, and any errors they find. We work closely with our testers to create a game they want to play.****

Draiochta Players Guide

Draiochta Game Masters Prescript

Draiochta Tome of Monstrosities

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