Candy, Cons and Craziness!

Draiochta Labs has been incredibly busy preparing so many fun events! All of these events can be found on our Facebook page or on our events page, but here’s the rundown:

October 31, 2015: The final Downtown Fond du Lac Farmers Market of the season coincidentally is on Halloween, so from 10 a.m. to noon, come downtown with your kiddos in costume to get candy from businesses and enter into costume contests. Draiochta Labs will be on the corner of Main and First Streets handing out candy to all goblins, ghouls, superheroes, and more!

November 6-8, 2015: Gamehole Con is at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison this year! We’ll have two tables displaying game demos and more, so come out for a great weekend!

November 20-22, 2015: Daisho Con is at the Kalahari Resorts in the Wisconsin Dells. We’ll be partnered up with Chimera Hobby Shop and ready to sell you some games to play throughout the weekend and beyond!

January 14-17, 2016: Midwinter Game Con at the Milwaukee Downtown Hilton Hotel is sure to please all gamers. Come out for our Maelstrom tournament and more for this extended weekend of fun and games (literally)!

Draiochta Plays for Extra Life Oct. 17

Draiochta Labs is psyched to begin a 24 hour game jam at noon on Saturday, October 17. Not only will the team be playing games for an extended period of time, they’ll be raising money in the process!

Extra Life is a group that was created a few years ago with the mission to help children. Gamers play, well, games, all over the nation and take donations for each hour of gameplay, each game played, or just general donations. Where does this money go? To Children’s Hospitals. Draiochta will be specifically playing for the Children’s Hospitals of Wisconsin.

The public is welcome to join us anytime for this great event. Bring games to play or play some of ours – either way, just show up to the DL office for some great times!

If you want to join our team, you can be going to this link to sign up for Team Draiochta. We hope to see lots of people who are ready to play!

Sharfenhaufer’s Draiochta Survival Tip

Draiochta Labs

Imagine a world filled with elemental magic and steam punk technology. Erase what you know of your world and allow yourself to imagine humanoid dogs, cats and alligators. Now, imagine you are walking with your best friend, but your friend is a centaur that stands 8 ft at the shoulders. As you are walking you catch a sweet smell of some unknown substance, you look over and see a fae fluttering around inside of the apothecary shop, creating a potion. As you approach your destination you spot a glimpse of a strange wheeled machine that is carting around a gnome with bushy hair and a weird looking backpack that seems to be emitting steam.

You arrive at The Un-Stable Inn, open the door and waft of cooked mutton crosses your nose. You smile as you recognize some of your friends Tully the leprechaun tavern owner, Onyx the fae blacksmith, Bruno the wolvec adventurer, Lar the slithix prize fighter and Ty’Kil the shar’kal acrobat. You and your friend find a spot at the “trough table”. As you sit down you think to yourself there should be more meeting places like this. So many other inns do not accommodate your centaur friend.

Tully breaks into a boisterous story of how your group once took on 8 bandits that thought they could waylay your group and make off with Tully’s barrels. He goes on in a jovial manner about the sheer horror that befell the bandits faces as you leap off the wagon kicking one of the unsuspecting bandits in the face while throwing a dagger at the next and how the group easily made quick work of bandits and sent them home naked and bound to one another.

Ty’Kil pipes up, that reminds me about the time we…

Stay tuned for more stories from the creators of Draiochta: The Role- Playing Game every month

Fondue Fest

fond du fest

What does Draiochta Labs have in common with melted cheese? Both of these things will be at Fondue Fest in Downtown Fond du Lac on Saturday, September 12! One of the largest festivals in the city, Fondue Fest will have tons of food and fun spilling into the streets from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Draiochta Labs will be located right in front of the Combined Building on the corner of Main and First Streets with fun for the whole family. Check out martial arts demonstrations by our numero uno, Jay, and meet some of our awesome team.


Stick around for a while and play our family friendly game -VS-. You’ll get to debate with your friends and family on which food is better. Is cake better than pie? Are nachos better than pretzels? Better yet, put a spin on the game for the day and bring fondue into the mix! Is fondue better than pretzels? You better be ready to explain why!


Not only can you have fun with our -VS- game, we’ll have our other games displayed so you can find out more about what Draiochta does and how we are changing the gaming world forever!


So stop on down by Draiochta Labs while you’re taking in the sights and smells of the festival and say hi to our guys and gals both old and new!

September Newsletter

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August Newsletter

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Draiochta Labs

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Get Your Geek On!



Get your geek on with Draiochta Labs in Madison Wisconsin next weekend, August 21st -August 23rd. This unique convention has tons of activities, ranging from panels to concerts, boffer to table top gaming. Geek.Kon combines anime, sci-fi and gaming all into one convention.  Our team is so excited to make our first ever appearance at Geek.Kon, we hope to see YOU there!

Visit Geek.Kon’s official website for more information

Last Day!


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