Midwinter convention

  1. DLabs well be at Midwinter Convention in Milwaukee, Wi this weekend! That’s right we are back and we have 4 great games for you to sit down and play with us when you are between scheduled games or just have some time to kill.

Stop at our booth near the vendor hall and play:

Draiochta- fantasy role-playing game that is unlike other role-playing games you may have played.

Maelstrom- card based role-playing game where you slog through an orc infested dungeon hoping to find a way out. Do you have what it takes?

Ep-Bit Battles- card based, turn based strategy game. Pick 4 heroes, build a battle deck then let the killing commence! Be the first to eliminate your opponent(s) and claim victory!

Food vs food- epic debate game. Convince the judge that the food you represent is better than your opponents with no argument barred!

See you there!

Creator of Draiochta @ Adventure Games today!

One of the creators of Draiochta the RPG, Jay will be at Adventure Games helping them celebrate Free RPG Day by running a brand new unpublished module! The Event and module start at noon and plays again at 3pm. All you need to play is your mind…oh yeah, bring your body too. Something has to roll the dice and carry the large brains us geeks and nerds have.

Today’s adventure: Mecha-techo-spelanco (gnomish for cave with lots of gadgets)
Can your team find and stop the crazy ancient clockwork machines that are terrorizing local towns? Who is behind it and why? Can your team put an end to the madness?

Update from the Labs

Hey all Jay here. I wanted to pop on let you all know what’s going on here at the Labs. We have been quiet for a few months and I am sure you were beginning to wonder. Surprise! We are still here, we have just been uber focused on creating some new great games for you.

Check out our almost beta release of Ep-Bit Battles Currently only available to you our friends!

We are nearing completion of our Draiochta (dray ack ta) revised edition coming to a game store near  you, Amazon and fresh of the press at drivethrurpg within the next couple months. There are still some numbered collector editions floating out there at game stores and on Amazon. These will not be reprinted and they have the original concept art that will probably never be reproduced. Get ’em here

The majority of the files have been uploaded to the printers for Maelstrom! You can get your player booster packs HERE. These packs have the chance to pull a very special Uber Epic rare hero.  These are also only available to you our favorite people.

Get em early before they go live!

I’ll try to update you all very soon.


Website Improvements

Draiochta Labs will be making some website improvements over the next two weeks and there may be some technical outages and momentary unavailability. We apologize in advance for any issues this may cause.

Please check out Game Crafter and Drive Thru for our products and feel free to check us out on facebook

Thank you for your understanding.

Draiochta Player’s Guide Revised Edition out soon!

That’s right, the new edition of Draiochta RPG’s Player’s Guide will be available next month on our website and drivethrurpg.com, with physical books to follow shortly after that in participating game stores.

What does revised mean? As you may or may not know, Draiochta Labs enjoys customer feedback and we go out searching for it. We have taken in all the feedback and decided to add some things to our books, lay them out a little different than before and explain some things better. We accept that no one or thing is perfect and we acknowledge our mistakes when we find them.

What’s new in the revised edition:

  • Longer more in-depth history of the continent
  • Time-line of events
  • Better explained skills and examples
  • More example spells
  • Magic section explained better
  • Gear section expanded
  • Mounts and barding expanded

That is just a short list of the things you will find in this upcoming edition. We are always looking for your feedback, please visit our feedback page to post your thoughts today.


See What’s Going On At the July Game Jam

Our first ever, monthly Draiochta Labs Game Jam will be held in our company’s hometown Fond du Lac, WI. at TMV Games (formally The Mana Vault). The event is next week and we wanted to let you know what you games you can expect to play for free!


Maelstrom: Orc Stronghold – CCRPG (Collectible Card Role-Playing Game) Battle with friends as you enter the Orc Stronghold in search of glory and loot!  This game plays like a card game but feels like a role-playing game! For players age 10+

Siege:For the King!!! – DSBG (Dynamic Strategy Board Game) Capture your opponents king or take their castle in this dynamic strategy game. Take turns setting up the map, then engage in turn based movement and battle! The map is never the same! For ages 13+

Spaghetti Western – SCG (Social Card Game) Battle the infamous outlaws as a lawman of the old west. Players take on the outlaw deck with the odds stacked against them. Work together to defeat the outlaw boss or be destroyed in this awesome fast paced card game! For players age 10+

Lock -n- Load: For a Better Tomorrow DMWG (Dynamic Miniature War Game) Crush your opponents in this one of a kind miniature war game. With a balanced rules set and ability to play with any models from other miniature war games, Lock -n- Load is what everyone has been waiting for! For ages 13+

KYDA – SCG (Social Card Game) Play against your friends as a monster of legend as you compete to see who can reach their goal of total people living in terror! For players age 10+

Draiochta – TTRPG (Table Top Role-Playing Game) No classes, No levels, Create your own spells, build what you want to play. Fantasy role-playing on a whole new level, we have removed almost all of the barriers to role-playing games including those thick tomes of rules to bring you an easy to understand and play role-playing game that makes sense! For players age 10+

-VS-  – SCG (Social Card Game) Three individuals or teams compete head to head in this fast paced debate based game. You are given a topic and what side you are on. Put up a good debate and the judge awards you the point for the round! This game will have you on the edge of your seat and is very entertaining to watch!  For players age 10+

There is also a possibility our artist will be on-site doing live art!

The event kicks off at 1pm on July 26th