Midwinter convention

  1. DLabs well be at Midwinter Convention in Milwaukee, Wi this weekend! That’s right we are back and we have 4 great games for you to sit down and play with us when you are between scheduled games or just have some time to kill.

Stop at our booth near the vendor hall and play:

Draiochta- fantasy role-playing game that is unlike other role-playing games you may have played.

Maelstrom- card based role-playing game where you slog through an orc infested dungeon hoping to find a way out. Do you have what it takes?

Ep-Bit Battles- card based, turn based strategy game. Pick 4 heroes, build a battle deck then let the killing commence! Be the first to eliminate your opponent(s) and claim victory!

Food vs food- epic debate game. Convince the judge that the food you represent is better than your opponents with no argument barred!

See you there!

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