About Us

We are a game development company located in Fond du Lac, WI. Everyone on our team is a gamer and we understand the importance of listening to our customers. That’s right, we build games around your input!

We have many games in various stages of production and value the input of veteran and amateur gamers so that we can know our games are playable for all.

Our Mission
The mission of Draiochta Labs is to produce fresh, new, and exciting games that have been driven by the voices of gamers from powerful collaboration. Through this collaboration, Draiochta Labs is able to release unique, replayable games that are already gamer approved. Draiochta Labs is in place to be the voice of a new gaming generation, allowing the players to shape our future.

Our Vision
To revolutionize the way games are designed and played through collaboration with players.

Books on the shelves. Get them today!

Books are on the shelves. Get them today!

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