Did you say, Module?

A few of us, myself included, have begun working on modules for your game play enjoyment. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a module is a scripted campaign setting and story with a fully fleshed out cast of NPC characters, boss battles, and adventures. You’ll still be able to make whatever character you want, but with the help of our modules, a bit of weight will be taken off your Game Masters and help noobs get a grip on what role playing is. They are the perfect glimpses into our world for people new to role playing games in general, the Draiochta universe, or running a session.


But before any of you ‘hard core’ gamers turn your nose up, I’d like to remind you that some of the most beloved settings in rpgs started out as Modules: i.e. The Tomb of Horrors from Dungeon and Dragons. For right now you won’t find too many insta kill traps, or crazy evil monsters, but we are writing these for base, baby, characters fresh from your brain; for now.

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