New Games and New Questions!

Hello Draiochta Lab fans!

As you may have heard, we have a new up and coming game! The only thing is…we need to hear from you! Please take the brief survey at the end!

Here is a quick overview of Maelstrom:

The first role-playing card game of the next caliber! Designed and Developed by Draiochta Labs LLC. Maelstrom puts a group of adventurers into a new world to fight or flounder as they attempt to work together to destroy the Supreme Game Masters grand scheme.

Build your own deck – Choose your arsenal to either destroy the adventurers as the supreme Game Master or build your deck around your hero to dismantle the supreme Game Master from his throne.

Advance your characters skills – As you battle the supreme game masters horde gain experience to get you to the next level to increase your effectiveness in combat.

Challenge massive beasts and baddies to battle – Fight through hordes of goblins and orcs and wade through dungeon crawls to reach the dreaded final end boss.

Enjoy the Maelstrom as each game invites new challenges and a different experience – As everyones deck will always change and the chance of everyone playing the same cards every game it is a guarantee that no two games will ever be the same.–SXu4Mg4prKzUg0mxtkIg/edit

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We WANT to hear from you!