Look Inside…If You Dare

The mission is on the table. Will you take it or leave it? It’s not only money at stake…but your reputation.

“I assume you are all here because of the flyers that we have put up around town; as such I expect that you know what you will be getting out of tonights raid but not the purpose behind it. So here is the rundown. We will be leaving from here immediately out of town towards the old grave yard. As many of you may know the gang calling themselves the Morgues have made their base in that location. According to our intel, 90% of the members have been sent out on their own raid parties to sack the town tonight leaving their base of operations relatively empty. You have been hired so that the Raven’s do not expend their troops while making this hit; all of them will need to patrol the streets to defend against the Morgues attacks. Our mission is to collect all useful intel, map the strong hold and if given the chance kill the leaders of the gang, Edger and Toll.”

Will you take the challenge?

– Draiochta – Module 1

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