International Table Top Day

Table Top


International Table Top Day is only 5 days away! International Table Top Day was created as a way for the world to celebrated tabletop gaming together. Every spring, fans host thousands of events all over the world. Come join Draiochta Labs at Chimera Hobby Shop (Forest Mall Location) on April 11th to celebrate!

Draiochta Labs will have free play testing of…

Draiochta: the Role-Playing Game

Maelstrom: Orc Stronghold (Collectible Card Role-Playing Game)

Siege: For the King (Dynamic Strategy Board Game)

Spaghetti Western (Social Card Game)

RSVP to this event on Eventbrite. Bring your free online ticket to the event for a chance to win some great prizes! Also check out our Facebook Event Page!  Bring your friends and family for a fun day filled with gaming to celebrate International Table Top Day!

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