Indiegogo Set to Launch!

Hey everybody! I just wanted to get the word out about what is going on with us!


Draiochta Labs is setting up a fund raising effort for moving onto the next phase (Phase 2) in our game building extravaganza! We want to be able to integrate augmented reality into role-play gaming. We can only do that if we are funded for it, so this is what you can do:


Check out This is where we will have our fund raiser. The Indiegogo campaign is being launched TOMORROW!!!


Now, we don’t expect everyone to be able to donate, so there is something else you can do whether you donate or not.


Spread the word!


Our goals are going to change the world of gaming, and we know any and all of your support will help us succeed.


So, thank you for your contribution to continuing your fun with our games and our fun with building them!

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