Draiochta Player’s Guide Revised Edition out soon!

That’s right, the new edition of Draiochta RPG’s Player’s Guide will be available next month on our website and drivethrurpg.com, with physical books to follow shortly after that in participating game stores.

What does revised mean? As you may or may not know, Draiochta Labs enjoys customer feedback and we go out searching for it. We have taken in all the feedback and decided to add some things to our books, lay them out a little different than before and explain some things better. We accept that no one or thing is perfect and we acknowledge our mistakes when we find them.

What’s new in the revised edition:

  • Longer more in-depth history of the continent
  • Time-line of events
  • Better explained skills and examples
  • More example spells
  • Magic section explained better
  • Gear section expanded
  • Mounts and barding expanded

That is just a short list of the things you will find in this upcoming edition. We are always looking for your feedback, please visit our feedback page to post your thoughts today.


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