Draiochta Lab’s Mini Con this Saturday

Back by popular demand, Draiochta Labs will be making a return to TMV Games in Fond Du Lac Wi this Saturday November 1st. Come join the fun from 3pm till about 10 or 11pm. Our team will be bring the following games to play………

Maelstrom: Orc Stronghold – CCRPG (Collectible Card Role-Playing Game) Battle with friends as you enter the Orc Stronghold in search of glory and loot!  This game plays like a card game but feels like a role-playing game!  PVP booster packs of Maelstrom will be available for purchase exclusively at Draiochta Labs Mini Con.

Siege:For the King!!! – DSBG (Dynamic Strategy Board Game) Capture your opponents king or take their castle in this dynamic strategy game. Take turns setting up the map, then engage in turn based movement and battle! The map is never the same! For ages 13+

Spaghetti Western – SCG (Social Card Game) Battle the infamous outlaws as a lawman of the old west. Players take on the outlaw deck with the odds stacked against them. Work together to defeat the outlaw boss or be destroyed in this awesome fast paced card game! For players age 10+

Rumors of a few Draiochta the role-playing game sessions will be playing as well.


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