The New Team with a New Game!!

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Draiochta is excited to announce a new group of game developers to the scene and fresh out of the shoot they have shown nothing but exemplary work!! I can’t wait to see the final result of the new CCRPG(collectible Card Role-Playing Game) they have currently in development. The Alpha is ready to go but they are in need of your feedback to help ensure that it is a game everyone would love to play!! Just follow the link below to take a quick survey to ensure that they are designing a game that everyone would love to play. The working title is “Maelstrom” and I think it will send BIG ripples in both the Card game and the Role-playing communities.–SXu4Mg4prKzUg0mxtkIg/viewform



Gamehole Con 2013!!


Draiochta Labs is here at GameHoleCon!! Come swing by our table in the The Hall of Wonders located in the innovation room here at the Sheraton Hotel. We are demo testing Draiochta and alpha testing a brand new card game that is in early development stages yet.