In 5…4…3…2… LAUNCH!

The time is here!!!

It’s time for us to show our stuff! So! I invite you now to check out our Indiegogo site! We’ve put a lot of time and thought into this, and now it’s your turn to show your stuff, too.

Please share our cause and passion for the gaming business with your friends.

Thank you, from the Draiochta Team!

Indiegogo Set to Launch!

Hey everybody! I just wanted to get the word out about what is going on with us!


Draiochta Labs is setting up a fund raising effort for moving onto the next phase (Phase 2) in our game building extravaganza! We want to be able to integrate augmented reality into role-play gaming. We can only do that if we are funded for it, so this is what you can do:


Check out This is where we will have our fund raiser. The Indiegogo campaign is being launched TOMORROW!!!


Now, we don’t expect everyone to be able to donate, so there is something else you can do whether you donate or not.


Spread the word!


Our goals are going to change the world of gaming, and we know any and all of your support will help us succeed.


So, thank you for your contribution to continuing your fun with our games and our fun with building them!

Look Inside…If You Dare

The mission is on the table. Will you take it or leave it? It’s not only money at stake…but your reputation.

“I assume you are all here because of the flyers that we have put up around town; as such I expect that you know what you will be getting out of tonights raid but not the purpose behind it. So here is the rundown. We will be leaving from here immediately out of town towards the old grave yard. As many of you may know the gang calling themselves the Morgues have made their base in that location. According to our intel, 90% of the members have been sent out on their own raid parties to sack the town tonight leaving their base of operations relatively empty. You have been hired so that the Raven’s do not expend their troops while making this hit; all of them will need to patrol the streets to defend against the Morgues attacks. Our mission is to collect all useful intel, map the strong hold and if given the chance kill the leaders of the gang, Edger and Toll.”

Will you take the challenge?

– Draiochta – Module 1

It’s Time To Get Excited

Here is Draiochta Labs newest game for you to check out! Please take the brief survey below to let us know what you are looking for!

Keep Your Dev Alive is a party game where you choose an avatar, your developer, and challenge your opponents and their avatar to be the best developer of them all!

Easy set up!

Easy to learn!

Easy to play!

Loads of fun!

No two games will ever be the same!

A fast paced party game that faces friends against each other!

Alliances will be made and broken!

Control your developer by giving them stimulants to keep them producing!

Slow your opponents by giving them hindrances!

Be the fastest producing developer to bring in the moola!

Developed and marketed by Draiochta Labs, LLC–SXu4Mg4prKzUg0mxtkIg/edit

New Games and New Questions!

Hello Draiochta Lab fans!

As you may have heard, we have a new up and coming game! The only thing is…we need to hear from you! Please take the brief survey at the end!

Here is a quick overview of Maelstrom:

The first role-playing card game of the next caliber! Designed and Developed by Draiochta Labs LLC. Maelstrom puts a group of adventurers into a new world to fight or flounder as they attempt to work together to destroy the Supreme Game Masters grand scheme.

Build your own deck – Choose your arsenal to either destroy the adventurers as the supreme Game Master or build your deck around your hero to dismantle the supreme Game Master from his throne.

Advance your characters skills – As you battle the supreme game masters horde gain experience to get you to the next level to increase your effectiveness in combat.

Challenge massive beasts and baddies to battle – Fight through hordes of goblins and orcs and wade through dungeon crawls to reach the dreaded final end boss.

Enjoy the Maelstrom as each game invites new challenges and a different experience – As everyones deck will always change and the chance of everyone playing the same cards every game it is a guarantee that no two games will ever be the same.–SXu4Mg4prKzUg0mxtkIg/edit

Next Game Day Update!

We have dates for some of the upcoming game days in February!

Feb. 8th: Colosseum Games in Kenosha 1-5PM

Feb. 9th: Fire for Effect Games in Oshkosh 12-4PM

Feb. 15th: Pink Bunny Games in South Milwaukee 12-4PM


Our Facebook page will be updated if there will be any changes to these dates. See you there!

The New Team with a New Game!!

logo color purple center bevel

Draiochta is excited to announce a new group of game developers to the scene and fresh out of the shoot they have shown nothing but exemplary work!! I can’t wait to see the final result of the new CCRPG(collectible Card Role-Playing Game) they have currently in development. The Alpha is ready to go but they are in need of your feedback to help ensure that it is a game everyone would love to play!! Just follow the link below to take a quick survey to ensure that they are designing a game that everyone would love to play. The working title is “Maelstrom” and I think it will send BIG ripples in both the Card game and the Role-playing communities.–SXu4Mg4prKzUg0mxtkIg/viewform



Let the Games Begin!

Hello from the land of Draiochta! We will be periodically posting contests! Who doesn’t like a chance to win a prize! Our contests will be posted on our Facebook page. Make sure to be checking the page to for your chance to win!

The first contest has been posted!

*Prizes will be announced after all entries are submitted!*

Midwinter Gaming Convention

Midwinter con logo

Draiochta Labs is here at the Midwinter Convention!! Come swing by our table in the Crystal Foyer located in  Hilton in downtown Milwaukee. We are demo testing Draiochta the Role-playing game and alpha testing two brand new card games that are in early development stages yet. Come join us and bring your friends! 

Midnight Release Tonight at Participating Stores

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and ate as much as we did! We will be holding game sessions at participating game stores tonight at 7pm. Please call your local game store to see if they are holding an event and sign up asap. Seats will be limited and we must have advance notice of those planning to attend.

If you plan to take part in these events, you may purchase your copies at the event and receive them at midnight! You will be the first people to see, use and be able to take them home!

All of us here at Draiochta Labs are extremely grateful to everyone that has helped us get where we are and hope to create more awesome games for you in the future!

Draiochta Labs

Your Game, Your Reality