The Big Bad Update!

Hey everybody, enjoying Halloween? I just thought it would be a good idea to drop a blog and give everyone an update on whats been going on around the labs. For one I’ve been trying to wrap my brain around a YouTube channel, for informational videos on what we’re doing, with every member of the gang getting at least one interview; just so you can get to know us all a little better.


Our books have officially gone to print, which means books will be in your hands any time now! Very exciting, especially since a few of those books are going to get our signatures all over them!


Of course we’ve been working on a new game too, Keep Your Dev Alive, which will be gracing you all with its presence sooner rather than later hopefully! And don’t forget to take the survey for this game, it’s linked up in the last post, all of your feed back will help us make the kind of games you want to play. So please give us your honest answers and share it with your friends too. In case your curious about what this new games is about, I can tell you that it’s a card game, based off the trials of our personal lives; which revolves around making you all the best games we can. The cards we have in circulation right now include players like me and even our CEO. Not only will you have tones of fun playing against your friends in this combative game but you may learn a few of the teams secrets along the way!


Our modules are coming along well too, and I’ve just caught word that I’m not the only one making one. We have at least four in the making, all dealing with different locations on the continent, different kinds of challenges and even more characters for you to love and hate. I can’t say much about the other plots lines but I hope to be getting new snippets from Atlas up here to keep everyone up to date.


But I think that’s all for right now; keep checking the site for updates, and I’ll remind you again, don’t forget to take that ‘Keep Your Dev Alive’ survey!

New Survey!

Hey everyone; we’ve got a new survey for you and your friends to take in regards to a new game we are developing right now. We call it ‘Keep Your Dev Alive’ and even got so far as to play test it at last weekend’s con. So far everything is going smoothly, but we need your feed back to really set things in motion! Fill it out and share it with your friends, and help us out!


This is a sneak peak of a module that I am in the process of writing.


Once upon a long time ago, there was a port city down at the bottom most of the continent. It flourished with imports, it’s harbors and citizens smelling of fine, fresh oils and herbs. So wealthy was the city of Atlas that their regent ruler built himself a grand castle to show the glory of his fair city, and of course himself, who had allowed the city to flourish with careful planning and care. Known to the rest of his city as the Dusk, this ruler took great care in developing relationships with other cities of interests, promising fair trade and protection while docking at his ports.

Under his careful guidance and ample funding two organizations were born into the tall walls of Atlas. With all the backing and knowledge of his people, the Dusk pushed forth the Raven’s who were the end all be all of justice throughout the city, manning each dock, entrance, and in the same breath, exit to Atlas. The people loved their dark cloaked protectors, and praised their well trained ranks for keeping pirates and other thieves at bay. The Ravens were given a large base of operations, fondly called the Murder both by citizens and members alike; it’s real name forgotten long ago. Under the determined guidance of their ever watchful Dusk, the Raven’s moved swiftly through their port city abolishing crime with a just hand, pulling the damned from their streets with the wrath and vigor of a vengeful god. Though a hierarchy of lieutenants and generals filled the ranks of the Raven’s their control was not among themselves but fell directly into the hands of the Dusk; who, with savant like precision, could call and predict the movements of those in Atlas’ dark seeded under belly. Many lower ranking Ravens knew little of the Dusk’s absolute control, assuming that their researching police work were making all the difference in Atlas’ clean streets. The elder black birds knew differently, but dared not speak out against the beloved Dusk who had pushed their humble city to the brink of royalty.

Unbeknownst to even the most trusted Raven’s, the Dusk had created another task force inside the towering walls of Atlas, one that could be spoken of only in myth even in the current age. Those who would whisper spoke of red cloaked figures that moved through the streets at any hour of the day, keeping to the walls of the city. They would pass through the streets like phantoms, showing up as omens of peril before an event; leaving before it could take place. These red clad souls could be seen converging upon the castle walls, though were never seen entering the towering heights of masonry.

In truth the red cloaked figures were the second group that the Dusk created and though none but the monarch knew their name he referred to them as his Red Nott. Through years of scouring the underbelly of the previous Atlas and offering more gold than could be matched he brought all the greatest spies and he could find into his court. Buying their loyalty the Dusk brought together ten shadows to work directly below him, but above the law of the Raven’s. Each acting as a snaking finger, the Dusk probed his city for instantaneous news on smuggling deals or any other sort of unsavory crime, moving with haste to warn his Raven’s of the location before damage could be done.

For a time the dual purpose justice served the Dusk favorably, getting his method of rule to be coveted by outside cities, if not also marveled at. Employing such unsavory shadows was unthought of, which left many wondering exactly how the Dusk knew his city so well, or how the Raven’s managed to be at the right place at the right time. To many, that question was left to fate, or to be idly pondered another day, all of Atlas content with it’s glory.

Did you say, Module?

A few of us, myself included, have begun working on modules for your game play enjoyment. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a module is a scripted campaign setting and story with a fully fleshed out cast of NPC characters, boss battles, and adventures. You’ll still be able to make whatever character you want, but with the help of our modules, a bit of weight will be taken off your Game Masters and help noobs get a grip on what role playing is. They are the perfect glimpses into our world for people new to role playing games in general, the Draiochta universe, or running a session.


But before any of you ‘hard core’ gamers turn your nose up, I’d like to remind you that some of the most beloved settings in rpgs started out as Modules: i.e. The Tomb of Horrors from Dungeon and Dragons. For right now you won’t find too many insta kill traps, or crazy evil monsters, but we are writing these for base, baby, characters fresh from your brain; for now.

Hook, Line, and Sink’em.

Her muscles strained against the weight of her chained shirt, the leather at her legs new and tight against her strides. The breeze would have felt nice had she the opportunity to feel it through her battlements. Thankfully the night was cool and young, the moon barely breaching the horizon of wild trees as her path slowly came into focus. A melody followed her timed movements, clank, tink, clank clank, ting; which made it hard for her to pay attention to anything else. Her nerves rose as the rustle of trees added an ominous note to her metallic music.

With dust rising at her feet the woman came to a sudden halt, hand pressed to her hip to silence the chain that had been singing it’s chorus. Narrowed eyes, the color of slate, stared futilely into the trees that rose at her sides like a parted sea. Had it been her overactive imagination? Her heart thudded loud, kick starting the stored adrenaline in her veins till they were pulsing loudly in her ears. With a practiced flick of her thumb, the clasp at her hip released, dropping the coiled chain into her waiting hands. A flourish of twisting chain and flexing muscle and the weapon was free of it’s constricting wrap hanging now between two capable hands, held taut and ready for attack. One end of the unique tool came to a point, barely a foot long, held in her left hand, tightly and steadily. In her right the chain fell slack, till it’s end could scrape and flirt with the dirt path. This end was three pronged, and larger, the points sharpened and bladed, glistening from a cleaning not a day old.

There wasn’t much cause to draw her weapon, just that little rustle over the sound metal on metal; but it had been enough for a cautious adventurer. There was just something wrong, something was off. The woman bit her lip, limbs lowering closer to the ground, boots kicking up dust as they spread into a stable stance. “C’mon out…” She snarled, breath shallow, short, in order to keep her ears clear of white noise.

There it was, right on cue, a twig snapped, the bushes of the under brush burst and a man charged, sword drawn. Her chain went taut, the sound of locking metal ringing softly under the war cry of her attacker. The ball of her foot swerved, body rocking as the whip in her hands sprang to life like stepping on a sleeping cobra. With all of his screaming the woman made a single huff as her arm wretched, pulling the heavy end into the air with precise aim. Extra chain followed the pronged head straight and true leaving enough slack for the woman to side step and ensure that his sword would take no blood.

“Hook.” The weapon made it’s mark, flying past him through the small window between his ear and shoulder before her body went rigid, pulling with all her might. Two of the three blades drove home into the man’s shoulder blade, the scent of copper suddenly filling the crisp night air.

“Line.” Her lips turned up into a wicked grin as his body came tumbled towards her, hands pulling insistently upon the chain between them. The blades drove deeper, tearing as it’s master commanded it’s return. With only a few short feet separating them, the woman’s leg rose, swinging a crescent till the chain caught in the notch between her elevated heel and the rest of her soul. Her eyes blazed as the man’s wails filled her with vigor. With a snap, her leg straightened into the dirt, shortening the last bit of chain, sending the attacker sprawling towards her. With the pointed end of her weapon, she glanced away the blade which the man still managed to hold fast too, sliding into his frontal arch with ease.

“And, sink’em.” Using his momentum against him the woman, drew the short dirk up catching the combatant under the jaw. His tumbling speed and her strength worked against him as the piercing weapon drove deeply past his teeth, till her clenched hand was tucked tightly under his chin; a foot of steel buried in his skull. Blood was spilling from the wound, his body twitching as it collapsed into her frame. Her knee bucked him away, at the same time the woman tore the dirk from it’s human sheath. Dirt twirled around the corpse at her feet, arm flicking to shoo the blood from the piercing tool. The crimson fluid tapped against the ground as more bushes started to rustle behind at her back.

The woman grinned wildly, turning her head to count the number she now faced. With one foot planted to the dead man’s hallowed head, she wrenched free the pronged end of her weapon. Her body turned to face the three remaining bandits, face twisted wickedly. The trees wailed mournfully, warning the others to flee while they could; their faces showing shock and horror, in utter agreement to leave. They stared, taking rapid fearful breaths as the woman drew low to a wide stance, her slate eyes fixated on them. “C’mon then.” She taunted, the clank of metal ringing in the night all over again.