This is a sneak peak of a module that I am in the process of writing.


Once upon a long time ago, there was a port city down at the bottom most of the continent. It flourished with imports, it’s harbors and citizens smelling of fine, fresh oils and herbs. So wealthy was the city of Atlas that their regent ruler built himself a grand castle to show the glory of his fair city, and of course himself, who had allowed the city to flourish with careful planning and care. Known to the rest of his city as the Dusk, this ruler took great care in developing relationships with other cities of interests, promising fair trade and protection while docking at his ports.

Under his careful guidance and ample funding two organizations were born into the tall walls of Atlas. With all the backing and knowledge of his people, the Dusk pushed forth the Raven’s who were the end all be all of justice throughout the city, manning each dock, entrance, and in the same breath, exit to Atlas. The people loved their dark cloaked protectors, and praised their well trained ranks for keeping pirates and other thieves at bay. The Ravens were given a large base of operations, fondly called the Murder both by citizens and members alike; it’s real name forgotten long ago. Under the determined guidance of their ever watchful Dusk, the Raven’s moved swiftly through their port city abolishing crime with a just hand, pulling the damned from their streets with the wrath and vigor of a vengeful god. Though a hierarchy of lieutenants and generals filled the ranks of the Raven’s their control was not among themselves but fell directly into the hands of the Dusk; who, with savant like precision, could call and predict the movements of those in Atlas’ dark seeded under belly. Many lower ranking Ravens knew little of the Dusk’s absolute control, assuming that their researching police work were making all the difference in Atlas’ clean streets. The elder black birds knew differently, but dared not speak out against the beloved Dusk who had pushed their humble city to the brink of royalty.

Unbeknownst to even the most trusted Raven’s, the Dusk had created another task force inside the towering walls of Atlas, one that could be spoken of only in myth even in the current age. Those who would whisper spoke of red cloaked figures that moved through the streets at any hour of the day, keeping to the walls of the city. They would pass through the streets like phantoms, showing up as omens of peril before an event; leaving before it could take place. These red clad souls could be seen converging upon the castle walls, though were never seen entering the towering heights of masonry.

In truth the red cloaked figures were the second group that the Dusk created and though none but the monarch knew their name he referred to them as his Red Nott. Through years of scouring the underbelly of the previous Atlas and offering more gold than could be matched he brought all the greatest spies and he could find into his court. Buying their loyalty the Dusk brought together ten shadows to work directly below him, but above the law of the Raven’s. Each acting as a snaking finger, the Dusk probed his city for instantaneous news on smuggling deals or any other sort of unsavory crime, moving with haste to warn his Raven’s of the location before damage could be done.

For a time the dual purpose justice served the Dusk favorably, getting his method of rule to be coveted by outside cities, if not also marveled at. Employing such unsavory shadows was unthought of, which left many wondering exactly how the Dusk knew his city so well, or how the Raven’s managed to be at the right place at the right time. To many, that question was left to fate, or to be idly pondered another day, all of Atlas content with it’s glory.

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  1. Sounds like an adventure that I would love to play. Hope you finish it soon!

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