Art Contest Winners

Thank you to all who precipitated in Draiochta Labs Art Contest. Our team very much enjoyed seeing the beloved races of Draiochta drawn by some amazing talent. 1st place winners from each week will receive a Draiochta branded poster with their artwork on it by September 30th 2014. Grand Prize Winner Hawj See has won a spot on the Draicotha Art Team! Our team would like to thank everyone again for precipitating in Draicotha Lab’s Art Contest.

Grand Prize Winner : Hawj See


Wolvec 1st Place Winner: Kylie Peterson                                Slithix 1st Place Winner: India Garcia-Kroska

werecrrrrorkyliepetersonSlithixindiagarcia-kroska (1)




Centaur 1st Place Winner: Jessy Gundlach                               Gnome 1st Place Winner: Jacob Krauss

centaurFemale2jessygundlach    GnomeAlchemistjacobkrauss

 Shar’Kal 1st Place Winner: Nikayla


Break down of points:

Week 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Fae See-3    
Shar’kal Nikayla-3 See-2  
Wolvec Kylie- 3 See-2  
Slithix India-3 Mark-  2 Aurie- 1
Leprechaun See-3    
Centaur Jessy- 3 See-2  
Human See-3    
Dwarves See-3    
Gnomes Jacob-3 See-2  
Elves See-3    


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