Art Contest Week 9

Thank you to all who have submitted their art work so far!

For details about the Art Contest visit the “Draiochta RPG Art Contest” page.

Good luck to all in Week #9 of the Art Contest!

This weeks Race is the Wolvec!

Wolvec’s weight up to 200 pounds have a muscular structure. These human-canine hybrid creatures were created to patrol and protect the grasslands. Wolvecs are natural trackers and have a very good sense of smell. These wolf like creatures usually stay in packs but occasionally will leave the pack to seek adventure.

wolvecmale Copy of wolvecfemale (1)

*By submitting your work, you are agreeing to allow Draiochta Labs LLC permission to use your work royalty free and without compensation. Draiochta Labs LLC agrees to give name credit to the original artist/author on all works containing their submissions.

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